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Previous Entry Moe.Moe.Moe.Moe.Moe.!!!!! Nov. 27th, 2005 @ 03:18 pm Next Entry
Haven't updated in a whillllllllleeeee. Like I've probably said before, I've resorted to the more personal, 'paper' journal. Yep, killin' those trees. But I figured I'd update, cuz, yeah.

First....Last night I went to the Moe. concert, which was pretty awesome. They're so good live, because they just jam and jam on songs that are like 5 minutes on the cd but they make them like 20, and flow them into eachother. They're a really good band. However, Anna and I were probably the only people in audience who weren't stoned/drunk/something. If you know me, you know I hate smoke, so that wasn't so great. But hey, what can you expect at a jamband concert? I was offered stuff a bunch of times, but was like "no mean, I'm stoned enough from all this second-hand smoke." Not really, but it did make me sick. That, in combination with my claustrophobia, and the fact that it was really hot in there, made me get really dizzy and kind of faint. It was kind of weird, but I don't really remember it. Anna like pulled me out of the crowd (apparently I collapsed a few times) and got me some water, and then I was alright, but it was kind of weird. Not the first time it's happened though - I just get these weird dizzy spells sometimes from a combination of certain things. But yeah, I reeeek of pot right now, and MUST go shower. My throat is really scratchy too. This is EXACTLY why I don't smoke. Ugh.

But yeah, other than that, it was a pretty kickass concert. I was so happy they saved like my two favorite songs for last - Plane Crash and Rebubula. Really cool. Also, I ran into my cousin there, which was funny. Didn't see anyone from school though, which was surprising. Eh, it was too smokey to actually see much, lol.

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. Mine was alright.....mmmm tofurkey. My mom was saying something about how people can get 'turduckens,' a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.....whoah, that's, uh, weird. My nine-year-old cousin tried to teach me how to do the worm, unsuccessfully. Yep, I'm hopeless. Then I helped paint murals on both my cousins' bedroom walls, which was fun. I think being a muralist for a living would be pretty neat. Maybe I'll do that if the whole music thing doesn't work out.

Speaking of music, I have my Berklee audition soooooon. ARgggggggggggggg I'm really nervous, because it's all like technical stuff like scales and arpeggios, that have to be at a certain tempo. I've been practicing manically, obsessively, and don't seem to be getting much better at them. I also have to play a prepared piece, and I'm playing Autumn Leaves, the most standardy standard possible, except my accompanyment cd that I ordered like a week and a half ago still hasn't come. Grr.

ALSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: I saw the RENT movie. Oh my, I was SOOO nervous that it was going to suck a few months ago, but when I found out it was the original cast, and that the director intended to keep it true to the play, I became a little more confident. But then, when I saw it, I was so happy - it was great. Obviously NO WHERE NEAR as good as the play, but as good as a movie of RENT could be. There were a few awkward moments, and things I didn't really like, but I can't complain. I just wasn't to crazy about Idina Menzel's performance though (I know, you Wicked fans will shoot me but that's okay) - her voice was kind of obnoxious and shouty, and not nearly as good as she was on the original cast recording. Plus, she kind of looked like one of those buff larchmont soccer moms. But that's okay. And I must say, Adam Pascal is really sexy with lonnnnggg hairrrrr. Anthony Rapp was just amazing: he is Mark.

Ooh one more thing before I go wash this horribly pungent smell off of me: this is really random:

I find it so odd/amusing when things like that make the news.

~person. (I don't really have a name anymore, do I? Help? Identity crisis!)
If I had to have a mood, it would be: sicksmelly
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