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Previous Entry April fools (not) Apr. 1st, 2006 @ 11:06 pm Next Entry
How I was woken up this morning: My dad comes into my room with the phone, saying there's a guy from a recording studio on the phone wanting to talk to me because he heard Caroline and I perform last night and is interesting in recording us. I'm like WHOAHHHHHHHh, and he hands the phone to me and...then my dad says 'APRIL FOOLS!!!!' I was ready to die right then and there! Hehaha. I'm so gullible in the morning.

I didn't get a chance to get him back, but in my eyes, April Fools is the whole month of April (the name doesn't say anything about it having to be just on the first, so ha!). Maybe I'll tell him I don't want to go to Berklee anymore. Or that I don't want to go to college period. Nah, that's kind of lame, I have to think of something better.

Today I made a dress out of two old tie-dyed t-shirts. It's wicked cool, man.

Jam for Sudan went pretty well last night. Thanks to everyone who came. Your Dad's Smock rocked! :) A rhyme! A smock rock!

In other news, I am choreographing for Dance Theater Workshop!! This will really be my last footprint in Pace, and trust me, it will be a weird one. Yeah, my dance is crazy, I can't wait. It's not even like a dance, it's just, insane.

And in OTHER news, I'm so excited because my friend Anna (I know SOOO many Annas) from my SCA crew last summer is coming to visit over spring break!! It's awesome, because I haven't seen anyone from my crew yet since the summer. We're going backpacking for a few days, and I'm taking her to my Grandmother's Passover Sader (sp?).

OH, OK, and LASTly, and really excitingly, is that I heard from the SCA (so early this year!), and I got placed on a crew in North Cascades National Park!!!! (In Washington state). I looked at some photos on the web, and it is fucking GORGEOUS, with enormous, snow-covered, majestic mountains. It's only for a month this time, but still, that's great. And it's crazy, because college starts a few days after I get back (not as bad as last year, when my Berklee summer program started a day after I got back!!). But it's good because it's in August, so I have the whole month of July to chill, maybe get a job, and go backpacking.
Basically, I'll have the whole summer to get my nature fix before spending a year in the city, though Boston isn't all that bad for a city. Not at all.

Oh yeah, and since I have to fly out to Seattle for my SCA crew, I'm thinking of going a few days early just to check out the city, since I've never been there. I don't know much about it - anyone have any suggestions to what I might do out there by myself (or if anyone wants to join me let me know) for a few days that doesn't involve mucho dinero?

SHIT WTF is the point of daylight savings?!? It's so confusing, except not really, it's just a pain. And to make it even more confusing, some states don't even have it, like Arizona. Ahhhhh craziness.
If I had to have a mood, it would be: excitedexcited
La musica de la alma: David Gilmour's new cd (not bad)
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