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Previous Entry Spwing bweakness Apr. 14th, 2006 @ 07:25 pm Next Entry
Could it be coming to a close already?! Well there's still the weekend.

How was everyone's vacation?!? I think I had a pretty good break. Well, I had a fantastic Sunday in New Paltz, hiking with Jim. And then, my friend Anna from my SCA crew last summer was supposed to visit me, which I was so excited about, and we'd go backpacking, but unfortunately, her Grandmother passed away so she went to her funeral. :( But I was still determined to spend a little more time in nature, so yesterday morning my dad and I spontaneously decided to go, packed up quickly, made some gorp, and left within the hour. It was a really nice hike up in Harriman, but it rained all day today. I don't mind hiking in the rain, but setting up camp and cooking in the rain absolutely sucks. But we managed to do all that right before it started raining last night, and then there was this massive thunderstorm!! I usually love t-storms, but it was a tad scary, considering we were on the top of a mountain. But it was fun, even though Anna couldn't come. Good to be back on the trails, with a backpack! And I'm looking forward to doing lots more of that this summer.....maybe by then I'll have my license, too.

Oh yeah, in other news, I learned how to parallel park!! I know, you all probably don't think it's a big deal, but it is for me. Plus, it's fun!! haha I'm a loser.

Oh yeah, I went earring shopping last Saturday with Ali, Jess, Maggie, and Jacqueline, and FINALLY I own my own earrings! How exciting. I bought these electric guitar earrings, but I realized when I got home that they were clip on earrings!! Which makes me feel smart. Could have worn them all along. I don't even know if I wrote in here that I got my ears pierced. Well, I did, I guess 6 weeks ago. I had always been so DISGUSTED by the idea of putting holes in your body, and thought I'd never get anything pierced. But I guess ever since my nose accident, nothing's really bothered me much. I figure (or at least hope) that the worst of the physical injuries are overwith for me. I've had my share of broken glass, and things falling on me (no, the nose thing wasn't the only one!), so hopefully I'm cleared. But life doesn't work like that - I could just be a very clumsey/unlucky person. But I don't want to say that, because I've learned that when you say bad stuff about yourself, it can only be counterproductive; a negative feedback mechanism, that just makes you feel worse about yourself, thus you say worse and worse things about yourself, and the cycle continues. I spent the majority of my life caught in it, like many people. The past year or so I've been trying to escape, falling in and out of stages of it. Think I'm at a fairly good point right now.

Hmm, what else did I do....choreographed more of my dance for dance theater workshop (it's going to be caarraazzyy), wrote another song. Which was awesome because I just sat down one morning with absolutely no intention of writing anything, not even an inspiration, played some chords and an hour later had a song! I love it when that happens. I always baffles me when I do that working off of no inspiration. At least consciously, I guess, because probably the idea was in there subconsciously and it just came out. I hope there will be another battle of the bands or something this year because I've written more stuff since the last one; plus, I need to become more comfortable with an audience, since I haven't performed my stuff much.

Okay, sorry, long entry, long babbling, not make much sense, me realllly tired (hardly slept last night), blahhhh. Hope everyone's enjoying their time off!
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