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I figured it would be funny to update this thing after what, like 8… - The Nut who can't fit into a nutshell.

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Previous Entry Feb. 9th, 2007 @ 10:36 pm
I figured it would be funny to update this thing after what, like 8 months?
Wow, how I've neglected dear ol' LJ....it seems somewhat antiquated now with all that facebook crap and stuff, and I probably still won't update it often, but just thought I would since I'm here.

Well, while I'm at it....what has happened since last June?
-turned 18
-got tattoo
-graduated high school
-wrote more songs
-drew more weird drawings (but alas, not lately)
-built more trails
-played more guitar
-tested stream water quality in a bunch of random streams
-changed my name from chelsea, or elsea, or whatever it was before, to Sea. Because that makes SO much more sense.
-went on another SCA crew, this time in Washington!!! including...
-climbed 7000 feet in one day starting at 1 AM and got to the top at 9:30 AM, completely delirious but at the top of the freakin' world!!
-saw several black bears and scared them away with my fellow crew members
-removed a bazillion apples from trees in the orchard so that the bears would not attack the trees
-searched for and found a myriad of Eugene-shaped objects, most particularly Eugene-shaped apples
-was a stupid ninja
-lived/worked in Stehekin, a town only accessible by backpacking, boating, or tiny tiny tiny planes
-took a lil nap on the Stehekin airport run way. Aka a long field of grass.
-square danced with the (80) locals
-played many silly games
-maintained some trails
-collected native seeds to be propogated for revegetation
-created extremely sillypants stories and drawings in the group journal
-broke many SCA rules, including, but not limited to: no bare feet, no rock throwing, no climbing trees, no "exclusive relationships". The last one leads me to the following....
-and GREATEST OF ALL, met and hit it off with Ed, the most amazing guy in the world!!!!!! My boyfriend, but so much more...my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, my LOVE. And months later, we've grown so much closer in so many ways despite the distance between us....speaking of which, in EXACTLY one week we'll be in eachothers arms! yep, he's coming up to Bahhhstton!!

Which leads me to the next big thing....
-the fact that I'm now in college, Berklee college of music, in Boston! It is very very very very Music-y!! of course! severely awesome, because this semester ALL my classes are music related! huzzah! socially, it's, uhh, blah. And I'm still trying to find myself musically, and focus in, but I'm so scattered. But music therapy is looking more and more AMAZING everyday. Don't get me started, please! I find myself getting into daily rants about how awesome it is.
-BUT, Nature is still as strong, if not stronger, a passion of mine, and I need to do something in life that combines the two. Nature + Music = ULTIMATE THERAPY. seriously man.
-speaking of which, on my winter break, I started up this new job thing that will really take place in the summer but it's FLIPPIN SWEET man. It's this ill little farm place called Hilltop Hanover, in Yorktown, NY, which used to be a farm, and it still kind of is, but it's more an environmental center at which several environmental groups are based at, like outdoor education programs, sustainable agriculture/organic farming, a watershed group, etc. (ooh and they have a bunch of really cool sheep and a guard llama). So anyways, there's a nice chunk of woods there, in which they need trails, so what I did over break was walk around the woods marking trails and GPSing them, and this summer I'll go back and be the trail building leader for several other interns!!!! And the sweetest part, is that I can just camp out right there in the woods if I want! There's this beautiful moss-covered hilltop area, where it looks like someone has dwelled before for there's this little circle where I guess a tipee used to be, and a bunch of stonehenge-like rock formations. SO, I get to pull my own little Thoreau this summer, in my own little Walden, building trails, helping out at the farm, chillin in the woods, writing some songs, meditating, etc.....THEN going BACKPACKING with ED!!!!
shall be a good summer. although alas, there will be no SCA crew. but still nevertheless awesome.

what else has happened? hmmm,
-in the past few minutes of writing this entry, I've devoured an entire bag of Craisen Trail Mix. Severe yummyness.
-I could think of much more, but this is too long an entry, sorry to bore you (well you didn't have to read it, did you?), but I just had to give a 'the past few months of my life in a nutshell'

well a few more random statements:
boston is cold. frigid.
los apricots son para los mercados que pueden llorar como los pantalones en mis ojos.
cocoa butter is like the midi-keyboard that focuses on paradiddles but only when the hormones dance vivaciously
hydroponic chromosomes are baking mushroom sweaters on top of mars-shaped silias.

there. enough for now.
may you all be peaceful and happy and craisen-arific!
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If I had to have a mood, it would be: peacefulpeaceful
La musica de la alma: some unidentified but extraordinarily awesome bluegrass musi
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