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Previous Entry Badgerdaho Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 05:07 pm Next Entry
Gah, and once again, this entry starts identically to the past like 20 entries: Haven't updated in awhile. Well hey, it's true. Maybe I'm just losing interest. Not really, I really like the idea of keeping a livejournal. It's not like I'm too busy...just staying at home getting all my stuff together and packing. But I get sidetracked so easily, and start organizing, or writing a song, or whatnot. Well, actually I did do something productive: finnish a bunch of unfinnished songs I've had sitting around for the past like 2 years. Which makes me feel really happy! Plus, I typed them all up! Go me. Now I just have to memorize them and I can be a performer! It's quite sad that I can't memorize my own lyrics. I mean I could, and I guess I will. But it's silly, considering that lyrics are supposed to be all natural and coming-from-your-heart, so you should beable to remember them as you write them. But I don't. Guess it's just not a natural thing for me. Well I guess that means I shouldn't be writing. Gahhhhhh, yes I should. No I shouldn't. Well, I like doing it. And here is where my gemini kicks in!! The two sides, arguing! I always do that.

But speaking of astrology, we (many people who came to my party) had a loooong discussion about it, which was fun. I brought out like all my astrology books, lol, it was so sad! But it's a scary, scary thing, those stars. We also played games, one random one with index cards that Laura brought, and the other called 'poopy cat,' which was awesome. The latter has nothing to do with it's name. Lol.

Also yesterday, Stephen finally showed me where his grove was, on the leatherstocking trail. Yay! But a really funny thing happened on the way back. We were passing a street where the street sign said "Badger 119," and found it incredibly random. I was like 'wtf' and Stephen said he had always wondered what it was. I figured Badger was the name of the street, and there was only one house on it, which was number 119 for some reason. So we decided to check it out, and drove down it. Once we saw those signs with slow on them in the shape of kids, we figured maybe it was a really big house with a lot of kids. But then there was like a pool or something, and we discovered it was a day care place! And then, who should be sitting there, but Ali!! The only person out front there, out of all the people who could have been sitting there reading a book! Lol, it was so awesome! She was happy to see us, the savior from the 4 year olds.

So we solved the mystery of Badger 119! Well, not really the 119 part....maybe it's supposed to be an inverted 911 or something, and emergency day care for parents to leave their kids at....? Someone fill me in. But that also explained those buses that say 'badger' on them.

I'm off to Idaho tomorrow!!!!
I am excited/nervous/anxious/confident/ready/unprepared/pumped up/out of shape/happy/sad/scared of the airplanes/excited to meet the other people/nervous about meeting the people/whatever......And once again we observe the conflicting emotions within Elsea. Ahh, the joys of gemini-ness. Although that's normal. But sometimes I take it to extremes, whether I feel two opposite things simultaneously, or I just fluctuate unexpectedly.
Maybe I'll discard the negative emotions there, and just try to be excited and ready. (I am wasted but I'm ready) Except I'm not wasted. Never have been. And probably won't be for a long time. Which is good.

Oohh, I should post my address in Idaho so you can all write to me, if you don't already have it. But I think I'll do that in the next entry, so it's by itself. But seriously, that would be AWESOME to receive mail out in the middle of nowhere! The ranger dude brings us mail like 2 times I think, and takes our letters to send, so I'll definitely write you back, but it may take awhile. Still, I love writing letters, and of course, receiving them.

And that's the most technologically advanced thing I'll be doing, apart from using a flashlight!
I am SOOOOOO thrilled about that part, about being away from technology. From machines. I've already written about this, but I can't help stressing it once again.

But I'm out for now! Well, until my next entry, when I'll post my address.

Badger (badger badger badger mushroom mushroom),
If I had to have a mood, it would be: lots of things!
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