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My address in Idaho - The Nut who can't fit into a nutshell.

About My address in Idaho

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(insert my real name [which you should know if you're writing me a letter])

c/o Patti Stieger
Krassel District Ranger Office
PO Box 1026
500 North Mission Street
McCall, Idaho 83638

Write me a letter please! It's so much fun receiving mail! Well, I just found out that I'll beable to at least once. Because two weeks into the trip, since we'll need more food, we hike ten miles to the ranger station to get it, and while we're at it, pick up and send mail. Then if we want to at other points during the five weeks, we can hike the 10 miles there and 10 back to see if we got mail and send it.

So, in other words, if you're going to send something, do so within these next, like, 3 weeks-ish. And I'll totally write you back (if I don't write to you first!).

Alright, I'm out now, goodbye, goodbye computer, electricity, cars, and other silly forms of technology that for some reason I use everyday anyway!

Have AWESOME summers guys!!!!

Peace, love, music, and nature (the four true elements of life),
If I had to have a mood, it would be: excitedexcited
La musica de la alma: Joni Mitchell - People's Parties
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Date:July 9th, 2005 02:04 pm (UTC)
HAVE A FUN SUMMER IN IDAHO Ill write you from Germany, and you can write me back.
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