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The Nut who can't fit into a nutshell.

"Only boring people get bored"

Elsea Jade Paloma Markeen DUUUUDE
8 June
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I am a nut who could never really fit into a nutshell.
I am a small fish in a big pond,
With some BIG opinions and a tiny ego.
A lot to say but too small of a mouth,
With too much to think of to fit into a grapefruit-sized brain.
I am a soul with a temporary body, not a body with a soul.
I am a musician who pours out notes from the soul, not just a mechanical play-by-numbers.
I am often barefoot, and connected to the earth. I don't need a pair of rubber soles to sooth my soul.
I am an individual thinker; I won't let prerecorded beliefs and other people dictate what I believe myself, unless I truly agree.
I am an aimlessly wandering soul, and could never be tied down for too long.
I am a dreamer, and I do not like to come down from the clouds, although I am perfectly capable of doing so in case of an emotional emergency.
I am me. Only me.

Okay, if not all that, then at least I am the girl with many names who guitars, insanes, and verbifies nouns way too much.

I tend to confuse people a lot with my odd personality. One second I solemnly sit, without speaking a word, perhaps I'm seemingly exuding an aura of evil (but I'm really not), and the next moment I'm Bouncin' Round the Room . But that's okay, because I'm a Gemini (that's my excuse). Astrology is weird, and I wouldn't believe in it if it wasn't so damn accurate.

I like spontaneous adventure. I like learning, not necesarilly in a strict classroom environment, but just from events in life in general.

Feel free to add me as a friend, for I am always on the lookout for new friends, that aren't just inside of my head.

I absolutely despise labels and stereotypes, especially since I don't really fit in any, like most people. I have been classified many times as a 'hippie,' just because of the way I dress and act, the music I listen to, and my beliefs, but I know that there's no way that a simple two-syllable word could describe anyone. People are far too complex to fall under one category, even though externally they may appear to be the textbook example of some classification. However, there is no 'textbook' classification of a Bohemian (well there's a manifesto, which is my bible), because it includes all different aspects of a lifestyle, and there isn't one direct epitome of a bohemian. But I do suppose my mindset is likewise to that, despite me being locked in a body locked in the cookie-cutter Edward Scissorhands suburbs (well that's actually an exaggeration; it's not that bad).

I don't really hate anything; I'm too much a pacifist. Not to say I don't get angry, because I do, but I just tend to bottle it up, or release it through nature or music. Actually, if there's one thing I hate, it is hate, itself. And war.

My sense of humour is really, um, not clear-cut, and indescribable. I guess you'd call it random, because you can never really expect what (or when) I'll laugh at. I find random things that happen in life to be funny. And a lot of the stuff that is funny is stuff that you would think I'd have to be stoned, but actually no, contrary to popular belief, I don't do drugs. I love Monty Python, especially the Holy Grail. Humour is very important in life, and I don't like it when people take everthing too seriously.

As far as music tastes go, I'm pretty open to anything as long as it's good and real. I don't particularly like what I hear on the radio these days; it just seems so very plastic and fake. I love jazz, funk, fusion, world music, especially Indian and Flamenco, jamband, folk, psychedelic, prog rock, classic rock. Yeah, music from the 60s and 70s, when music still had feeling and soul in it. That's not to say that there's no good music out there today, because there is, it's just harder to find. The fact that so much popular music out there today is about bitches and hoes says a lot about our society and what it has come to. It's pretty depressing.

I believe that this physical, tangible world does not count or matter. I live in my head, for the most part, and owning expensive things does not give me pleasure, like a lot people, sadly. I believe that instead of being bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies. Souls stuck in these stupid bodies, which cause so much pressure to be perfect in this world. .

I tend not to care what people think about me, but this is just for fun (my survey thingy mabobber)
Oh, by the way, check out my three communities
chatty_geminis is an astrology community, mainly for geminis, but also for people who like geminis.
lalalaloincloth is basically a community for randomness.
all_feet_r_same, my Gnomish communities. Even if you're not already Gnomish, I highly suggest that you check it out if you are weird, random, and like gnomes or feet or anything else weird.

Have fun!

~Elsea/Markeen/Mo/Chelsui/Elsui/Marsui/Mosui/Cow Tipping Elsea/RENTperson/Paloma/Jade

(pride rock, New Paltz)

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