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The Nut who can't fit into a nutshell.

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Feb. 9th, 2007 @ 10:36 pm
I figured it would be funny to update this thing after what, like 8 months?
Wow, how I've neglected dear ol' LJ....it seems somewhat antiquated now with all that facebook crap and stuff, and I probably still won't update it often, but just thought I would since I'm here.

Well, while I'm at it....what has happened since last June?
-turned 18
-got tattoo
-graduated high school
-wrote more songs
-drew more weird drawings (but alas, not lately)
-built more trails
-played more guitar
-tested stream water quality in a bunch of random streams
-changed my name from chelsea, or elsea, or whatever it was before, to Sea. Because that makes SO much more sense.
-went on another SCA crew, this time in Washington!!! including...
-climbed 7000 feet in one day starting at 1 AM and got to the top at 9:30 AM, completely delirious but at the top of the freakin' world!!
-saw several black bears and scared them away with my fellow crew members
-removed a bazillion apples from trees in the orchard so that the bears would not attack the trees
-searched for and found a myriad of Eugene-shaped objects, most particularly Eugene-shaped apples
-was a stupid ninja
-lived/worked in Stehekin, a town only accessible by backpacking, boating, or tiny tiny tiny planes
-took a lil nap on the Stehekin airport run way. Aka a long field of grass.
-square danced with the (80) locals
-played many silly games
-maintained some trails
-collected native seeds to be propogated for revegetation
-created extremely sillypants stories and drawings in the group journal
-broke many SCA rules, including, but not limited to: no bare feet, no rock throwing, no climbing trees, no "exclusive relationships". The last one leads me to the following....
-and GREATEST OF ALL, met and hit it off with Ed, the most amazing guy in the world!!!!!! My boyfriend, but so much more...my best friend, my lover, my soulmate, my LOVE. And months later, we've grown so much closer in so many ways despite the distance between us....speaking of which, in EXACTLY one week we'll be in eachothers arms! yep, he's coming up to Bahhhstton!!

Which leads me to the next big thing....
-the fact that I'm now in college, Berklee college of music, in Boston! It is very very very very Music-y!! of course! severely awesome, because this semester ALL my classes are music related! huzzah! socially, it's, uhh, blah. And I'm still trying to find myself musically, and focus in, but I'm so scattered. But music therapy is looking more and more AMAZING everyday. Don't get me started, please! I find myself getting into daily rants about how awesome it is.
-BUT, Nature is still as strong, if not stronger, a passion of mine, and I need to do something in life that combines the two. Nature + Music = ULTIMATE THERAPY. seriously man.
-speaking of which, on my winter break, I started up this new job thing that will really take place in the summer but it's FLIPPIN SWEET man. It's this ill little farm place called Hilltop Hanover, in Yorktown, NY, which used to be a farm, and it still kind of is, but it's more an environmental center at which several environmental groups are based at, like outdoor education programs, sustainable agriculture/organic farming, a watershed group, etc. (ooh and they have a bunch of really cool sheep and a guard llama). So anyways, there's a nice chunk of woods there, in which they need trails, so what I did over break was walk around the woods marking trails and GPSing them, and this summer I'll go back and be the trail building leader for several other interns!!!! And the sweetest part, is that I can just camp out right there in the woods if I want! There's this beautiful moss-covered hilltop area, where it looks like someone has dwelled before for there's this little circle where I guess a tipee used to be, and a bunch of stonehenge-like rock formations. SO, I get to pull my own little Thoreau this summer, in my own little Walden, building trails, helping out at the farm, chillin in the woods, writing some songs, meditating, etc.....THEN going BACKPACKING with ED!!!!
shall be a good summer. although alas, there will be no SCA crew. but still nevertheless awesome.

what else has happened? hmmm,
-in the past few minutes of writing this entry, I've devoured an entire bag of Craisen Trail Mix. Severe yummyness.
-I could think of much more, but this is too long an entry, sorry to bore you (well you didn't have to read it, did you?), but I just had to give a 'the past few months of my life in a nutshell'

well a few more random statements:
boston is cold. frigid.
los apricots son para los mercados que pueden llorar como los pantalones en mis ojos.
cocoa butter is like the midi-keyboard that focuses on paradiddles but only when the hormones dance vivaciously
hydroponic chromosomes are baking mushroom sweaters on top of mars-shaped silias.

there. enough for now.
may you all be peaceful and happy and craisen-arific!
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goodbye seventeen Jun. 7th, 2006 @ 11:08 pm
I know I haven't been writing here much, but I figured I'd write one last time while being 17, though I don't see why a few hours really makes a difference. Well, I suppose it does, considering in a couple hours I'll beable to vote, buy cigarettes, buy porn, and have legal sex with someone over 18. All four of which, of course, I will do immediately. Ha.

OTHER than THAT, the FUCKING FIRE thing at school today CANCELLED the Senior Recital, our LAST PACE show!! Wow, sorry for all the caps, but it's just really annoying....the fire drill (inconveniently during art, the last day I had to work on my painting, ugh) actually turning out to be a fire, standing out in the rain for 45 minutes, walking over to central school and playing 'trouble' the board game with some 1st grader who started crying because I think she was scared of the highschool students....and then coming home to find out they cancelled after school activities. Don't see why it won't be rescheduled, though! In which case, it will probably be on my birthday, which would be really cool, because it usually is.

But it still hasn't really hit me yet...not only that this is the last PACE show, but also the last 3 days of high school. Actually I think the former is more 'hit' requiring, after being in soooo many shows, PACE enveloping my life, my life enveloping Pace, it's been amazing, far more amazing than the rest of school. In fact, I think that it's what really got me through high school. Where would I be without such a creatively fantastic performing arts program? I know I always complained about how much I hate high school, and it's true, I absolutely despise many parts of it, but it all evens out because of the great experiences/things I've learned from PACE. I know, I'm sorry, I am the ultimate pacey, laugh all you want, but I don't see it as this evil 'cult' that everyone makes it out to be; it's really just an amazing program that offers great opportunities to learn and to express, and to be yourself.

Still, I can hardly wait to graduate! And for this summer! My nature filled summer (oh yeah, I got a job through the county doing stream water monitering/testing and other environmental stuff), before I have to spend a year in a city (ahhh) and die of claustrophobia! I live. I always seem to. (well, that's obvious. I mean, I am still alive, right?)
Okay, I'd like to actually attempt to go to bed before 12, for the first time in months. Don't know if it will happen, but I'm going to try. So bye!
Peace out and Wombats,
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La musica de la alma: Frank Zappa - the Duke of Prunes

O cheesy prunes Apr. 22nd, 2006 @ 10:47 pm
Happy Earth Day!! The best holiday, and better yet, it's every day of the year! Unfortunately, I didn't really get to do anything earthy today, because I was stuck working on my senior paper all day. I was going to go do some trailwork at Pelham bay park, but it was raining, and I had too much to do. But the way I look at it, it doesn't really matter when you put in your share of helping the environment, just as long as you do put in your share. And I've put in my share, and will continue to do so. On Thursday, Jess and I cleaned up the disgusting mess of garbage in the gazebo area near junior lot, which was fun. Then yesterday was E. CO.'s big earth day shindig, which was awesome! Petitions, nalgenes, environmental facts, my homemade hummus, and much jamming!

And I dedicated today for working on my senior paper, on concept albums, specifically Tommy and Dark Side of the Moon. Lots of work, but I don't mind because it's mad interesting. I have like mad ADD though, working on things like that, because I'll be researching something, then see something else, then click on something else and before you know it I'm reading about the math behind polyrhythms, which is actually quite interesting, but has nothing to do with the plot of The Who's Tommy.

Then I saw Musical Collage, which was AMAZING this year!! Congrats to everyone in it, you did wonderfully. I felt some nostalgia for being in it. And PONY??!?! Oh em gee. What more can I say!?!? MUSKRATS.

And Bret burnt me copies of like 8 Frank Zappa albums, which I am obsessively listening to now. FZ is my new obsession, and I can't believe it took me 17 years of my life to discover that. I still don't have the album 'Absolutely Free,' but downloaded one song from it after hearing Jim sing parts of it, "The Duke Regains His Chops." It's so fucking hilarious. Last week Anna and I listened to it like 20 times, hysterically cracking up. In fact here are the lyrics (but give it a listen if you can):

And you'll be my Duchess
My Duchess of Prunes
I'm looking through the prune in June
Reveals your chest I see your lovely beans
And in that magic go-kart I bite your neck
The cheese I have for you, my dear
Is real and very new
Prune (Pa-da-dah!)
If they are a fresh Prune (Pa-da-dah!)
Know no cheese
(Chunka, chunka cheeky chunka)
(Chunka, cheesy, stinky chunka)
And they just lie there
Taller and sickening and it just...I don't know (Lo)
And I know, I think
The love I have for you will never end (well, maybe)
And so my love I offer you
A love that is strong, A prune that is true
(This is the exciting part. This is like the Supremes
see the way it builds up? Feel it?)
(Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby)
(My Prune is yours, my love
My cheese for you, savings through and through
My baby I do
My baby Prunes
My baby Prunes
I love you
O baby prunes
O cheesy fat
O cheesy fat
O cheesy fat)

I know, WTF, right?!?! PRUNES. AHHHHHHH. Last summer I learned that prunes are actually dried plums!! I feel really stupid because I never had known that, I guess I just thought that prunes were like a whole separate entity. But then what would a non-dried prune look like, if it wasn't a plum?

"Holdin' thangs together, ain't no easy thang to do, when it comes to PRUNIN' children, it's a job that's made for two." Oh, how I love PACE 4 Music!!

PRUNES (which are actually kind of gross so I don't know why I'm obsessing about them)
~the Duchess of Prunes
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Spwing bweakness Apr. 14th, 2006 @ 07:25 pm
Could it be coming to a close already?! Well there's still the weekend.

How was everyone's vacation?!? I think I had a pretty good break. Well, I had a fantastic Sunday in New Paltz, hiking with Jim. And then, my friend Anna from my SCA crew last summer was supposed to visit me, which I was so excited about, and we'd go backpacking, but unfortunately, her Grandmother passed away so she went to her funeral. :( But I was still determined to spend a little more time in nature, so yesterday morning my dad and I spontaneously decided to go, packed up quickly, made some gorp, and left within the hour. It was a really nice hike up in Harriman, but it rained all day today. I don't mind hiking in the rain, but setting up camp and cooking in the rain absolutely sucks. But we managed to do all that right before it started raining last night, and then there was this massive thunderstorm!! I usually love t-storms, but it was a tad scary, considering we were on the top of a mountain. But it was fun, even though Anna couldn't come. Good to be back on the trails, with a backpack! And I'm looking forward to doing lots more of that this summer.....maybe by then I'll have my license, too.

Oh yeah, in other news, I learned how to parallel park!! I know, you all probably don't think it's a big deal, but it is for me. Plus, it's fun!! haha I'm a loser.

Oh yeah, I went earring shopping last Saturday with Ali, Jess, Maggie, and Jacqueline, and FINALLY I own my own earrings! How exciting. I bought these electric guitar earrings, but I realized when I got home that they were clip on earrings!! Which makes me feel smart. Could have worn them all along. I don't even know if I wrote in here that I got my ears pierced. Well, I did, I guess 6 weeks ago. I had always been so DISGUSTED by the idea of putting holes in your body, and thought I'd never get anything pierced. But I guess ever since my nose accident, nothing's really bothered me much. I figure (or at least hope) that the worst of the physical injuries are overwith for me. I've had my share of broken glass, and things falling on me (no, the nose thing wasn't the only one!), so hopefully I'm cleared. But life doesn't work like that - I could just be a very clumsey/unlucky person. But I don't want to say that, because I've learned that when you say bad stuff about yourself, it can only be counterproductive; a negative feedback mechanism, that just makes you feel worse about yourself, thus you say worse and worse things about yourself, and the cycle continues. I spent the majority of my life caught in it, like many people. The past year or so I've been trying to escape, falling in and out of stages of it. Think I'm at a fairly good point right now.

Hmm, what else did I do....choreographed more of my dance for dance theater workshop (it's going to be caarraazzyy), wrote another song. Which was awesome because I just sat down one morning with absolutely no intention of writing anything, not even an inspiration, played some chords and an hour later had a song! I love it when that happens. I always baffles me when I do that working off of no inspiration. At least consciously, I guess, because probably the idea was in there subconsciously and it just came out. I hope there will be another battle of the bands or something this year because I've written more stuff since the last one; plus, I need to become more comfortable with an audience, since I haven't performed my stuff much.

Okay, sorry, long entry, long babbling, not make much sense, me realllly tired (hardly slept last night), blahhhh. Hope everyone's enjoying their time off!
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noseful incident, pt. 2 Apr. 7th, 2006 @ 10:17 pm
It's been one year since my nose accident. That's kind of weird. Been getting some bad flashbacks, gruesome, blood everywhere. It still makes me faint to think of it. And I know it wasn't even that bad because it didn't hit anywhere else besides my nose and I've healed up incredibly well. It could have been 100 times worse, so I'm lucky. But still, it was a pretty scary, weird thing to happen and I hope it never happens to anyone ever again. For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, a thick glass lense from a lighting fixure above the stage cracked and fell on my nose, between my eyes, cut to the bone, after rehearsing for Musical Collage.

Thus explaining my panic around broken glass and falling objects, in case you were wondering.

Okay, yeah, this entry is kind of pointless; I was just thinking about it a lot today, and it's weird, so yeah.
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fly like a weasel? I'm such an easel. fo-sheezal. Apr. 3rd, 2006 @ 10:03 pm
Counting down the days until spring break....wheeeee!!!....and losing track of time. It is Monday, correct? Blah. This week will probably seem pretty slow, but it will FLY like a weasel after vacation. Wait, I know, weasels don't fly. It just sounded like a good thing to say, ja know? Okay, yeah.
But I CAN'T WAIT to FUCKING GRADUATE (ooh it rhymes!)! Enough of highschool. I mean, it certainly had it's major ups and major downs, but I am just ready to leave. Now.

And is it weird that I'm almost more psyched about my SCA crew in Washington this summer than I am about college? Well, I dunno, I guess it's a different type of psyched. Psyched about the best of both worlds. But I'm sad because I found out (well, it's kind of common sense, too) that you can't keep bicycles in the dorms at Berklee. Me? Bikeless?! What?! Craziness. I was thinking of getting a fold-up bike, but I checked them out last week in the store, and they really don't fold up to be all that small. I mean, I don't know what I was picturing....a full sized bike that collapsed to fit inside a purse or something? But I guess I'll just have to survive bikeless for a year, because I can probably have one if I live off campus. Oh well. I know, this probably sounds stupid, that I'm complaining over such a little thing, but I loooove biking, and it is my primary means of transportation. But Boston is really walkable, so it's all good.

Speaking of, I dunno, whatever I was speaking of, what's everyone (meaning seniors at MHS) thinking of doing for senior cut day? I'm not a huge beach person....I would love to do something really Elsea and go hiking, but would anyone actually be into that? Yeah, it's not for awhile; I don't know why I'm bringing it up.

oh a thing (a what? a thing. Oh! a thing!)

Oh gosh, I had another, horrifying plane crash dream again last night. I haven't had one in awhile, but it's been a reoccuring theme in sooo many of my dreams. I know, you could interpret it, say I'm feeling out of control or whatever, but I think I'm just literally terrified of plane crashes. Gahhhh scary.

Oh, speaking of scary things, check out my new userpic. Yep.
~Elsea Dynamite
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April fools (not) Apr. 1st, 2006 @ 11:06 pm
How I was woken up this morning: My dad comes into my room with the phone, saying there's a guy from a recording studio on the phone wanting to talk to me because he heard Caroline and I perform last night and is interesting in recording us. I'm like WHOAHHHHHHHh, and he hands the phone to me and...then my dad says 'APRIL FOOLS!!!!' I was ready to die right then and there! Hehaha. I'm so gullible in the morning.

I didn't get a chance to get him back, but in my eyes, April Fools is the whole month of April (the name doesn't say anything about it having to be just on the first, so ha!). Maybe I'll tell him I don't want to go to Berklee anymore. Or that I don't want to go to college period. Nah, that's kind of lame, I have to think of something better.

Today I made a dress out of two old tie-dyed t-shirts. It's wicked cool, man.

Jam for Sudan went pretty well last night. Thanks to everyone who came. Your Dad's Smock rocked! :) A rhyme! A smock rock!

In other news, I am choreographing for Dance Theater Workshop!! This will really be my last footprint in Pace, and trust me, it will be a weird one. Yeah, my dance is crazy, I can't wait. It's not even like a dance, it's just, insane.

And in OTHER news, I'm so excited because my friend Anna (I know SOOO many Annas) from my SCA crew last summer is coming to visit over spring break!! It's awesome, because I haven't seen anyone from my crew yet since the summer. We're going backpacking for a few days, and I'm taking her to my Grandmother's Passover Sader (sp?).

OH, OK, and LASTly, and really excitingly, is that I heard from the SCA (so early this year!), and I got placed on a crew in North Cascades National Park!!!! (In Washington state). I looked at some photos on the web, and it is fucking GORGEOUS, with enormous, snow-covered, majestic mountains. It's only for a month this time, but still, that's great. And it's crazy, because college starts a few days after I get back (not as bad as last year, when my Berklee summer program started a day after I got back!!). But it's good because it's in August, so I have the whole month of July to chill, maybe get a job, and go backpacking.
Basically, I'll have the whole summer to get my nature fix before spending a year in the city, though Boston isn't all that bad for a city. Not at all.

Oh yeah, and since I have to fly out to Seattle for my SCA crew, I'm thinking of going a few days early just to check out the city, since I've never been there. I don't know much about it - anyone have any suggestions to what I might do out there by myself (or if anyone wants to join me let me know) for a few days that doesn't involve mucho dinero?

SHIT WTF is the point of daylight savings?!? It's so confusing, except not really, it's just a pain. And to make it even more confusing, some states don't even have it, like Arizona. Ahhhhh craziness.
If I had to have a mood, it would be: excitedexcited
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Duck. Quack. Cracker. Food. Cocina. Mar. 26th, 2006 @ 05:20 pm
And once again, the entry starts out as "Haven't updated in a while."

Hi! How are all you guys? Hope you've been enjoying stuff. Life. Whatever you want to call it.

I've been pretty good. Yesterday I did some trailwork with the Appalachian Trail Club, and trailwork is ALWAYS a good thing to do. So that made me happy. Then I went to Veronica's house and hung out with her, Zack, Jimbo and Luke. MUCH fun, consisting of a crazy game of charades (and for the record, "Spanish Caravan" is nearly impossible to act out), and four hysterical rounds of Poopy Cat, which, if I have never played with you, tell me because it's the most hilarious thing ever. There was also much chocolate-covered soy nut eating, singing, music making, and random noise making, and crazy being. Ahh good times, good times.

Then today. Tell me, why are local scholarship applications more stressful than college applications? Weirdness. But I need to do them.

I'm trying to think of what to do for the Senior Recital (which finally isn't on my birthday this year). I'm thinking...maybe a one-woman rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody....condensed into 90 seconds....? Hmmm, I'll really have to work on that one.

Oh yeah, I keep forgetting I'm a senior and will be OUTTA here before no time!! I'm so freaking psyched. SO.

OOOOh yes I found out that I am playing guitar in the pit for Little Shop!!!! Soooo much better than being in the show, for me. Can't wait.

Okay, this is blah, I'm going to go, I need to go outside for a walk/run, neeeeeed fresh air.
Peace out, out Peace!

If I had to have a mood, it would be: calmcalm
La musica de la alma: Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (just finnished paper on it!)

Berklee here I come!! Jan. 31st, 2006 @ 05:23 pm
So. I am going to college. College I am going to. Going to college I am. To college, I am going. To BERKLEE college of music!!!! I haven't been too stressed about it, but I'm relieved.

Plus, now, I can officially fall into senior slump!!

It's the start of the new semester, that means NO MORE SOCIOLOGY!!!! Of course, I'll miss my creative writing class, but now I have I Sing America, which is the coolest course ever created.

Also, I found out today (for sure) that I placed second at battle of the bands, which surprised me, since I was unhappy about my performance. Right after it, I was so nervous and angry I was practically crying. I know, I can be harsh on myself, but I honestly hated the way I did. Even when I was leaving early, my friends asked me if I wanted to stay to see if I won. I laughed and said "It's battle of the bands, not battle of the fold singers." Guess I was wrong, slightly.

So, 'twas a good day, for a change! (notice how I like only update this journal when good things happen! For the most part, at least). To quote myself, giving an example of what bad poetry with forced rhyme would sound like, last year, "Today was a good day today, I had a cake at the bay today." That's beyond bad. It's not even worth being a bad example. It's so bad that it's just, bad.

Speaking of bad, I seriously need to learn how to sleep. I've had insomnia for as long as I can remember, and have tried everything - even not trying. I'm not even that prone to getting stressed, and it's not like when I'm lying in bed stuff is on my mind hindering sleep. It's just that I can't help thinking about falling asleep, or thinking about thinking about falling asleep, and on and on. It's almost as if if there is something on my mind, my mind will wander over it and eventually wander into sleep. But that doesn't happen much. And it's not like I'm not tired - I am. But sometimes I'm just too tired to fall asleep.

Sometimes I wish I could be narcoleptic. Although that would kind of suck too, in a different way. Still, I would like to try it for a day. Oh well, I suppose insomnia is somewhat of a gift, at least to the artist - more time to create! Especially since the most fruitful time of day is night! You are awake within the hours when the mind is lucid with ideas, effortlessly translated onto canvas, sculpture, into poem, song. Then again, not really, when one is stuck lying in bed, wasting hours with nothing profound except for the desire to sleep and rest the body. Eyes slam and stay shut like storm doors in the wind, yet, sleep never comes. And I wonder, which is worse - spending 1/3 of your life sleeping, or 1/3 of your life trying to sleep?
If I had to have a mood, it would be: pensivepensive
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Updatey, matey Jan. 25th, 2006 @ 07:35 pm
Why do I still do this?
Well, yeah, I think I'll write some quick stuff.

BATTLE OF THE BANDS this Saturday at 7:00 PM. I am playing freakin' FIRST. ARgh, there's like not going to be anyone there, but oh well. So come. I'm going to play a few songs.

I finally gave into the mp3 craze. Yes I did. But, no, I did not get an ipod. I bought some weird brand thing I'd never heard of before - inoi, or something. Apparently they just came out, so like no one has them. It's exciting, but it takes FOREVER to load music onto it from cds - literally a half hour per cd. But it's okay because it's the only mp3 player that's more than like 1 gb that works with windows 98. I don't know how all the other brands just expect everyone to have 2000 or xp. I mean, 98 isn't that long ago - things just phase in and out really quick.

Midterm week ROCKS. aka I have three midterms, one of which is art. Espanol manana (too lazy to do the little squiggly lines over the n's, tildas...?)

SOUNDSCAPES is over....I'm kind of sad, even though it's like people's least favorite show, I don't care, because I really loved being in it, and writing a bunch of songs for it. I'm really in my element in the music shows, as opposed to the familiar, but unconquered grounds of acting and dance. Very unconquered. Not to say I've conquered music or anything, I just feel more comfortable doing it, considering, well, it's what I like to do. Wow that was profound. The cast party was at my house, which was fun, but I've never seen that many people in my not-incredibly-large house. But it was still fun, and completely clean! Hooray!! I'd post pictures from it, but my photobucket thingy isn't working. People said they posted pics on facebook or something, but I don't know how to go on there since I'm not a member, and you need to be like invited or some shit.

But the ironic part is that a fucking cop came anyway. No joke. Because we were being loud. But he like SCREAMED at us and then my mom, and threatened to give us a summons. Then he looked around the place for alcohol/drugs, and once he saw none, left, still being nasty. I mean, we were loud, and it was midnight, but still, he was just SUCH a bastard about it. And it's ironic because there were probably not clean parties going on that the cops don't even check out. Lol, it's kind of funny, kind of annoying, but whatever.

Countdown = 6 days until I find out if I'll be going to college! yay.

I've decided I'm going to become a Yoga teacher when I grow up. Along with travelling musician that backpacks everywhere and paints on everything.

I STILL need a name. Stage name, in particular, but also a name that can be my actual name (they could be the same).
~La chica sin nombre, desafortunadamente
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Happy Gnomes on December 29th Day (Gnomish Holiday)! Dec. 29th, 2005 @ 05:33 pm
Mahna mahna (doo doo doo doo doo).

Wow. I haven't updated in while. Notice that's been like one of the first sentences of that last like 10 posts. Well, I just though I'd have to post before the new year. Also, I missed the 2 year anniversary of my lj a couple weeks ago. Happy Biwthday! (yes that was intentional). Anyways, I guess there a lot to update on, but my mind isn't all that clear right now. I thought I'd have a nice vacation of doing absolutely nothing, but I have SOOOOOOOOOOO much homework!!! UGHHH I hate when teachers do that.

OHH and GUESS what? It's been OVER A YEAR since I last saw RENT (I went yesterday to try to get lottery seats with Bret but we didn't get called). I know, I know, those of you who know me are thinking I'm insane right now! Surprisingly I'm not. There was a phase where I'd want to see it like everyday (well, not really), but that was awhile ago and it's over. I still love it, but I dunno, it seems so commercialized now, especially with the movie out. It's not like I don't like it - I just don't like what it's become. I won't stop liking it, because I've really had a special bond with it - from the first time I saw it it has had such a great effect on me, and the messages really struck something deep in me. And I'm not too easily affected and don't have like 50 favorites of everything. It's really the only broadway show I can say I love. But now, it's become a pop emblem. Even though it is, I still can't let go of it, being such a big part of my past. So, I love RENT and I'm proud of it and I don't care what people think!

I guess I had an alright holiday season. You know me, I just can't stand all the hype about christmas, with all the decorations and presents and advertisements and materialism. But that's just my opinion. Please don't get mad at me and attack me because I feel like I've had this argument with people WAY to many times. I can see how people can like christmas - it's not like I don't get it. I see how you like the whole tradition aspect of it, and getting to see family, etc. I guess that's nice, the family and all, and the peace and the giving, but the rest isn't for me. Plus, if peace is so important during the holiday season, why can't it be important all year round? And is the giving part of it really about giving already spoiled children 20 junky plastic toys that they'll play with once or twice but then will get put away in the closet once they decide they want more toys because they don't have enough? Okay, I know I'm generalizing - not all kids are like that, I just happened to be babysitting this morning and that was my impression (mine! mine! mine! are their favorite words), and also with some of my cousins.

okay, christmas rant over. Sorry if I've offended anyone. I've taken to apologizing in advance, even if I think what I've said isn't all that offensive, because people tend to attack me for stupid things. Don't get me wrong, I like to debate and hear others opinions, but when they feel so angered/insulted by my rant that their's is going to be completely irrational. I think that makes sense.

Okay, I should go, need to squeeze in some more hw because tonight I'm going to my parents' friend's ex-boyfriend's reggae band perform (wow I know, long connection), which should be fun!

~Moi (I still need a name. Mine SUCKS)
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I think this says absolutely everything. Dec. 8th, 2005 @ 11:15 pm
Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today...

Imagine there's no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

Imagine no possesions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.
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Moe.Moe.Moe.Moe.Moe.!!!!! Nov. 27th, 2005 @ 03:18 pm
Haven't updated in a whillllllllleeeee. Like I've probably said before, I've resorted to the more personal, 'paper' journal. Yep, killin' those trees. But I figured I'd update, cuz, yeah.

First....Last night I went to the Moe. concert, which was pretty awesome. They're so good live, because they just jam and jam on songs that are like 5 minutes on the cd but they make them like 20, and flow them into eachother. They're a really good band. However, Anna and I were probably the only people in audience who weren't stoned/drunk/something. If you know me, you know I hate smoke, so that wasn't so great. But hey, what can you expect at a jamband concert? I was offered stuff a bunch of times, but was like "no mean, I'm stoned enough from all this second-hand smoke." Not really, but it did make me sick. That, in combination with my claustrophobia, and the fact that it was really hot in there, made me get really dizzy and kind of faint. It was kind of weird, but I don't really remember it. Anna like pulled me out of the crowd (apparently I collapsed a few times) and got me some water, and then I was alright, but it was kind of weird. Not the first time it's happened though - I just get these weird dizzy spells sometimes from a combination of certain things. But yeah, I reeeek of pot right now, and MUST go shower. My throat is really scratchy too. This is EXACTLY why I don't smoke. Ugh.

But yeah, other than that, it was a pretty kickass concert. I was so happy they saved like my two favorite songs for last - Plane Crash and Rebubula. Really cool. Also, I ran into my cousin there, which was funny. Didn't see anyone from school though, which was surprising. Eh, it was too smokey to actually see much, lol.

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. Mine was alright.....mmmm tofurkey. My mom was saying something about how people can get 'turduckens,' a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey.....whoah, that's, uh, weird. My nine-year-old cousin tried to teach me how to do the worm, unsuccessfully. Yep, I'm hopeless. Then I helped paint murals on both my cousins' bedroom walls, which was fun. I think being a muralist for a living would be pretty neat. Maybe I'll do that if the whole music thing doesn't work out.

Speaking of music, I have my Berklee audition soooooon. ARgggggggggggggg I'm really nervous, because it's all like technical stuff like scales and arpeggios, that have to be at a certain tempo. I've been practicing manically, obsessively, and don't seem to be getting much better at them. I also have to play a prepared piece, and I'm playing Autumn Leaves, the most standardy standard possible, except my accompanyment cd that I ordered like a week and a half ago still hasn't come. Grr.

ALSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO: I saw the RENT movie. Oh my, I was SOOO nervous that it was going to suck a few months ago, but when I found out it was the original cast, and that the director intended to keep it true to the play, I became a little more confident. But then, when I saw it, I was so happy - it was great. Obviously NO WHERE NEAR as good as the play, but as good as a movie of RENT could be. There were a few awkward moments, and things I didn't really like, but I can't complain. I just wasn't to crazy about Idina Menzel's performance though (I know, you Wicked fans will shoot me but that's okay) - her voice was kind of obnoxious and shouty, and not nearly as good as she was on the original cast recording. Plus, she kind of looked like one of those buff larchmont soccer moms. But that's okay. And I must say, Adam Pascal is really sexy with lonnnnggg hairrrrr. Anthony Rapp was just amazing: he is Mark.

Ooh one more thing before I go wash this horribly pungent smell off of me: this is really random:

I find it so odd/amusing when things like that make the news.

~person. (I don't really have a name anymore, do I? Help? Identity crisis!)
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Gosh, freakin' idiot! Oct. 23rd, 2005 @ 10:37 pm
Whoohoo!! I have just completed and sent in my first, and hopefully last college application!! It took like all day, but in no way am I complaining because I know so many people apply to like 20 colleges and I'm sorry, that must be a really sucky process. But I'm done!!!! Hooray for Berklee!

Okay sorry I just had to share my excitement, and also update since I haven't in awhile. Mainly because I've been pretty busy with school and Inherit the Wind and music stuff. Actually mainly homework, 90% of which comes from sociology, but oh well. Well, I guess the main reason I haven't been writing here is that I've turned more and more to real paper (sorry trees), filling up lil' notebooks rabidly (and rapidly). Right now I'm realllly hyper and fidgety and ADD-y for some reason, probably the addrenaline of pushing send on the application. But I've been sick for the past week, blarg. Need to get better for the show this week - if my throat continues to be soar and my voice continues to be really slow and scruffy, I actually will be radioman.

On another note, I'm being Napolean Dynamite for Halloween and Sarah is being Pedro!!!!! Anyone else want to join in on the fun!???! I know, I know, you hate me for liking that movie and accuse me of falling into the mainstream, if you're a certain person (lol Ali). But everyone is entitled to their own opinions and tastes. So I've got the 'vote for pedro' shirt, blue jeans, I'll probably borrow the moon boots from Maggie, and I think I've got the mannerisms and voice down (despite the fact that I'm not a man). I just have to worry about the blond short curly hair.....umm, wigs are kind of expensive.

I want to go to the Greenwich Village Halloween parade again, anyone want to come with me? I know it's on a school night, but last year I didn't get back too late, and it's SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. PLEASE come with me.

Hokay, I'm out for now (or as Napolean would say abrubtly, "'k bye"), realllly need some sleep because I need to get better and I have to wake up early for ensemble tomorrow.
But 'twas a good chat with you, livejournal, my long lost virtual aquaintance!
~Paloma or something, I don't really know what my name is anymore. Um, help?
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Me encanta las tormentas! Sep. 25th, 2005 @ 12:32 pm
You have -12 Stormpoints
There and gone.. Fond memories perhaps..

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 24% on Stormpoints
Link: The What Kind of Storm Are You Test written by Cowboyghostie on Ok Cupid

Oh heck yes. I love thunderstorms.
Last week during that nice thunderstorm, I made an attempt at writing something that rhymed. Or sort of rhymed:
The Last Thunderstorm

These last days of summer
When you hear the thunder roar
The world’s an IMAX movie
From the refuge of your porch

Raindrops are the earth’s tears
But they don’t make me blue
Because the water cried down to me
Is like the sun soaked up for you

It falls….
Like everything must do ultimately
It refreshes
Enriching the barren earth with green purity

Then it just stops.
Leaves you wanting more but it
Evaporates and falls again
Better than before

The crystal beads descend
Concentric circles widen
In the puddles with no end

It turns the ground to molten mirror
And the air into perfume
I’ll miss these percussive symphonies
Wish it wouldn’t all end so soon

It’s the end of the summer thunderstorms
Distant booming fades away
Winter’s snow is not as good of a show
But I’ll be happy when come May!

Lol, I know, corny, but I had to write it. Because that is indeed my favorite part of summer (besides being off from school). Nothing beat those thunderstorms in Idaho, though. Since we were in a valley/meadow, surrounded by mountains, the thunder would just echo for like 20 seconds, booming so loudly you thought you would go deaf. And the thin, hair-line bolts of lightning illuminated the sky for beautiful moments, far too transient to ever be captured with a camera. I miss that place so much.

But it's all good, I'll be back in nature next week for two days when I go backpacking in the Catskills! Of course it's not Idaho, but I will be in a small section of Wilderness, and that's always good. I'm real psyched. Hooray!

Oh yes I forgot to write that last week I went to a sitar and tabla concert at the New Rochelle Public Library. It was classical Indian music, played by Prof. Subroto Roy Chowdhury on sitar, and Pandit Samir Chatterjee on tabla. Incredible. The music has such a beautiful and magical feeling to it, and it entranced me in such a marvelous state. I love Indian music!!

And yesterday at the Larchmont craft fair thingy I sold my clay incense burners with incense, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross for hurrican relief. People seemed surprised/impressed that I was doing that, but I dunno, it seemed like a normal thing to do because those people certainly need the money more than I do. But it was amusing, because lots of people didn't know what incense was, so I had to explain, or they thought it was too risque, or that it was like something to do with marijuana so they didn't let their kids have it. Hehe, uptight larchmont mothers, so amusing to observe.

But that really sucks that you can't burn incense or candles in dorm rooms!! I'm going to miss it! Or I'll just live off campus. Argh, not talking about college now. Actually, I really don't that much, but it seems to be the only thing that my friends talk about sometimes. No offense.

Okay, I'm out for now.
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Moe., finally! y milones de melocotones (spelling?) Sep. 23rd, 2005 @ 07:09 pm
OMGOMGOMGOMG....okay I know I haven't updated in awhile and it's silly that this is the first thing I'll write but:

Tickets went on sale today for Moe., practically my favorite band that is still around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really really exciting, since I've never seen them live, so I just have to find people to go with. The dates are Friday, November 25th, and Saturday, November 26th (yes, two separate concerts), both at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC at 8:00 PM. I can probably go to either, so I'm just going to see what's best for other people that want to come. Please come with me! Moe. is awesome!! I haven't gone to a concert in a whiiilllllleeeee and I'm craving live music. For those of you who don't know, Moe. is a kickass jamband - they've been compared to Phish, but they're quite different. So seriously, let me know if you're interested, because I want to buy tickets ASAP. They're $28, which I know is sort of a lot, but it's totally worth it.

Also, The Presidents of the United States are playing at Irving Plaza on October 4th, for I think like $16, but I'm not sure. That'd also be really fun, and I know probably more of you know them than Moe., given that Peaches is quite a popular song amongst my friends.

Ahhhh okay enough with the concert stuff.....I haven't been in a great mood for the last whatever weeks, but all of the sudden there's an explosion of awesomeness, because of the concerts, I guess, but also because I found out today that I will be the guitarrist for the Swing Choir band this year!!!! You have NO clue how excited I am. I've been looking forward to this and practicing for it for so long. I've worked so hard, I mean, sometimes I feel like practicing is all I do, which is fun and all, but I was never sure it was going to go anywhere. Yeah, okay, this probably doesn't sound like a big deal or whatever to you, just a band thing, but I'm really psyched --- things are finally seeming to fall into place, between the scholarship and now this.

Okay, sorry, that was all the happiness, and I realize it sounds like I was bragging, but I really didn't mean to - this is just really exciting. I've been pretty meh, and blah, and almost even depressed (although I hate using that word, it's just so constricting, like if you say you're depressed, well then of course you'll be, I dunno if that made any sense; that wasn't a good way to describe it) ever since I got back from Idaho. I was just so happy and full of life there, and then I came home to everything I had left behind and forgotten about for 35 days, and I just feel dead. And I know I had an incredible time there; and experience I'll never forget that probably changed me more than I realized it - and that's probably what keeps me going. Those memories. I guess since I've been back, I've felt very, abnormally detatched. I don't know from what, maybe from the world, society, friends, my town and the people in it (not like I was ever too attatched to that), and I guess people and life in general. I just sort of drift around remembering how important it is to treasure each moment and admire everything and all those values I had lived by in the woods, but it just doesn't work that way, and I find myself wanting to do something, but then not, once I'm near it. And then I get angry at myself for thinking about this, for thinking about me me me, for withdrawing into myself, selfishly. But I realize it's my own fucking fault, and if I really wanted to anything about it, I could. Maybe not, but I could try. Goodness, you can't even call this depressed, I've just retreated back to my middle-school self it seems.

You know what? I really don't know why I just wrote that. I guess I wasn't really thinking, but it's true. But still, I don't know why I'm writing it here, of all places, where the entire world can read it if they so choose. It's not important. I'm one of billions of insignificant human beings, and we all believe the sun revolves around us to some degree. So hell, don't accuse me of being a fucking egotistical person, this is my place to rant, to get down my personal thoughts (I have been writing in a paper journal, which is why I haven't written here much, but sometimes, my thoughts go faster than I can write by hand, and I can type quickly, so yeah), even if they're broadcasted to you all. But whatever, think what you please, if this for some reason happens to evoke something in you, probably not. I'm just tormenting myself I suppose, and I need to do it.

Okay this has been a pointless post, but sometimes you just need to get stuff out you know?

I still don't consider myself a senior. I'm not one of those seniors I had seen as a freshman, that I assumed I would grow into - the ones driving and showing off their cars around the parking lot and bickering over parking spaces, and screaming with laughter with everyone, knowing everyone there is to know, "hooking-up" or having a boyfriend, because you're so grown up, going to parties and getting drunk, and all that jazz. Well not exactly jazz, maybe rap. Or hip hop. Lol :) Not saying that I miss or want any of that, but a part of me is curious about what it's like. Maybe not. Oh yeah, the pep rally is tonight. I don't even know what a fucking pep rally is....a prep rally? I don't know. I never really understood, or had an interest in going. I'm probably not missing much, at least for me.

Music class is amazing, and so is Derbs - yesterday we did a, not standing, not sitting, but squatting warm-up!! Lol, 'twas a crazy site, seeing a whole line of people singing scales and looking like they're taking a crap at the same time. Thank goodness I have that first period in the morning to wake me up!

I've been getting these nasty headaches every single day since school started. Could be from that, or from the heat, or from my acne meds (which aren't doing a fucking thing and I thought pimples are supposed to go away by this time since I've had them since I was 11 but it's worse then ever now, but whatever), or a combination of the three. My mom suggests I wear the make-up cover up stuff, but what's the point? What, and why, am I covering? To look better, she says. But why do I even want/need to look better? For what? For whom? So I'll feel better about myself, she says. Hmm, yeah right. Looks schmooks. I'm used to the fact that people aren't attracted to me, and there's no point putting effort into changing that. Whatever.

Wow, why do I continue to write even after I've established that this is a pointless post? See, I'm still continuing now. And now. Okay, not I'm just being annoying. I apologize, if you actually read this, this was immature. Bye!
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Buffy Velvet Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 06:57 pm
First Day of school. Meh. Actually, my classes are awesome, and I'm excited. And I guess it was cool to see people. I enthusiastically greeted people, but my excitement was rarely reciprocated. Oh well. I don't really feel like a senior.

Yesterday I went to the MoMA, all nice and newly renovated. It was nice, there was a Cezanne and Pissarro exhibit, and impressionalistic art always inspires me to paint more. And in another section, they had Salvador Dali's 'Persistance of Memory,' his most well-known painting, and like the only one that wasn't in the huge Salvador Dali exhibit in Phili (which was the coolest show ever)! I was so excited to finally see it, even though it's so tiny! Wow, I'm overenthusiastic right here, but he's my favorite artist, so yeah.

I need a new name for la clase de Espanol -- I'm bored of Margarita, lol, not like there's anything wrong with it, but it's just not me. So I need a new one......a few options I thought of:
Paloma (dove)
Sierra (mountain range)
Gitana (gypsy)
Jade (green gemstone, although I didn't know that was a Spanish name until I looked it up)
Ria (river)
Paz (peace)

So what do y'all think? What is the most appropriate?

Also on the subject of names, I did this random name generator on babynames.com, and it said that my name should be Buffy Velvet. Ummmm, okay, I'm really gonna change my name to that, seriously, hehehe.

I'm writing less and less here due to my progressively more and more frequent encounters with my little paper journal. I think I like that. Computers take something out of writing, I've found. Explaining why this is not profound (ooh a rhyme, not that's profound!). I'm out for now, be safe and sound (wow I'm such a loser)!
~Paloma? Sierra? Jade? Gitana? No se.
If I had to have a mood, it would be: blankmeh.
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schedule mule pool rule drool Sep. 2nd, 2005 @ 08:59 pm
~So, it seems I have distanced myself from technology since Idaho....aka me not updating this baby. Is this a baby? I do not know. Oh well, it's not like anyone cares, if you do, well then I'll talk to you in reality, which is better for communication anyway.

~School is almost here. I'm not looking forward to the monotonous routine of it all, but I guess it won't be too bad, because I have the most KICKASS schedule EVER. I guess I'll post it here to see if anyone has any classes with me. Probably not, but you never know.

1 - PACE 4 Music - Derby (YAYYYYY)
2 - Sociology - Porter (Yayy)
3 - I sing America - Poetry & Protest - Sherwood
4 - Phys Ed (for first two quarters)
4 (last two quarters) - I sing America - Politics and Protest - Goldberg (yes!!)
5 - Senior art experience - Zheutlin
6 - AP environmental - Burns (I hear he's awesome)
7 - College Spanish - Silva Lisa (hmmm)
8 - Creative Writing - Ross (aka AP Holocaust lady, ughhh not again)
8 - PE (second half of year)

And that's my schedule (with some brief commentary of how I feel about the teachers). Tell me it's not kickass.

~Well, I'm enjoying my last week of freedom. Being a typical apathetic teenager staying at home doing nothing. Actually not true....I recorded a song the other day, sewed a shirt yesterday, wrote a song a few days ago, practiced guitar a lot, went for a bike ride, and this weekend I'm mountain biking and hiking HOOOORAYYYYYYYYY back to my favorite life. Oh goodness, I am dangerously addicted to nature. Not dangerously, of course, it's quite beneficial, and a much better addiction than drugs.

~Haven't seen any friends except Bret and Marcus since I've been back. Again, being the typical apathetic and antisocial teenager. Actually, just lazy, figuring I'll just see people in school next week, so not taking the initiative to organize anything. I should probably do something.

~Herbie Hancock's new album is the coolest thing EVER.
~Spirit of the Radio by Rush is the coolest song EVER.
~Cake is the coolest band EVER.
~Cake's cover of 'I will survive' is the coolest cover EVER.
~Sorry about all that, but it's true.

~keep getting deja vu.

~I made dowsing rods the other day. They were pretty sweet, because they actually work!

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From Idaho to Boston Aug. 20th, 2005 @ 11:04 am
Okay, Wow. I have not updated in awhile, logically, since I've been away. I will write a longer entry at some point, but here's a quick update on the two coolest things. ever.

1) I was in Idaho for 5 weeks on a SCA crew and had a fantastic time living 45 miles away from everything but mountains and trees and wildlife, etc. We built a beautiful 2/3 of a mile of new trail!! The 8 other people were great - we all got along so well - and I miss them all! For our four-day rec trip, we backpacked out of the Wilderness, I think like 38 miles, was it? It was so beautiful. I can't even describe it. But it's not worth trying to describe everything in a little minute entry, because it just wouldn't work, so I'll write more later.

2) The day after I got home from the woods, I spent a week at Berklee College of Music in Boston, doing a guitar workshop. It was awesome and I learned so much, but it was major culture shock, and the amount of people was just overwhelming. I didn't make a single friend there, which was alright, I guess, because I had a lot of time to myself, and went on long walks to explore the area. Still, I miss Idaho, and I'm not as much of a city person as I thought I was. But the workshop was great - my style was jamband/funk/fusion, which was AWESOME. I've never been surrounded by so many talented guitarrists in my life, therefore it was extremely intimidating, but the coolest, most unbelievable thing happened. In fact, I'm still not sure if it was real, and I have to keep on pinching myself: I received a scholarship to attend Berklee as a guitar student!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And out of the five hundred and something people there, not too many did. So I'm feeling ubber-special and confident right now, which is nice, for a change. Still, it doesn't seem real. I didn't think I would beable to go to Berklee, my dream school, just because of the price, but now.....it's certainly possible! I mean, the scholarship doesn't cover the full tuition obviously, so there'll still be more to pay, but it most definitely helps, a very good amount, and I can still apply for more scholarships this year.

But wow. I am seriously shocked.

And today, FINALLY, I am home. I get to chill. I would love to hang out with people, but I have to babysit tonight. My parents are making me, saying that I haven't earned money this summer. Hello, I just earned $$$$$$$$from the scholarship, instantly. Plus, the trail work and time I spent in the Wilderness this summer was priceless. Money-schmoney.
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My address in Idaho Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 10:48 pm
(insert my real name [which you should know if you're writing me a letter])

c/o Patti Stieger
Krassel District Ranger Office
PO Box 1026
500 North Mission Street
McCall, Idaho 83638

Write me a letter please! It's so much fun receiving mail! Well, I just found out that I'll beable to at least once. Because two weeks into the trip, since we'll need more food, we hike ten miles to the ranger station to get it, and while we're at it, pick up and send mail. Then if we want to at other points during the five weeks, we can hike the 10 miles there and 10 back to see if we got mail and send it.

So, in other words, if you're going to send something, do so within these next, like, 3 weeks-ish. And I'll totally write you back (if I don't write to you first!).

Alright, I'm out now, goodbye, goodbye computer, electricity, cars, and other silly forms of technology that for some reason I use everyday anyway!

Have AWESOME summers guys!!!!

Peace, love, music, and nature (the four true elements of life),
If I had to have a mood, it would be: excitedexcited
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Other entries
» Try that new ice cream flavor!
Just went out to dinner with parents to have my last 'civilized' meal, aka Indian food at Coramandel, the best restaurant ever. On the way back, we were contemplating stopping at Longfords (I won't have ice cream for 5 weeks), but I was so stuffed and could not fathom fitting an ice cream cone into my belly. We sat there in the car for a few minutes, trying to decide what to do (we were reaaaaaaaally stuffed). After several seconds of silence, we acknowledged the radio as the song said "Try that new ice cream flavor!" At that instant, we jumped out of the car and went into longfords for delicious ice cream!! It was a sign from the radio! A sign from a song by a Portugese artist where that line just happened to be in English (if it had been in Portugese, we probably wouldn't have gone). My dad asked if they had any new flavors, but they didn't.

Lol, sorry, I just found that whole incident quite amusing.

I was going to make this my last entry, but I don't want my last entry to start like that, so I'll make another one after this, with just posting my address. So yeah.

I think I'm pretty much ready.

And no, I will not bring you back an Idaho potato! In case you were considering asking me. (potatoes don't just grow in the middle of the woods)

Peace out,
» Badgerdaho
Gah, and once again, this entry starts identically to the past like 20 entries: Haven't updated in awhile. Well hey, it's true. Maybe I'm just losing interest. Not really, I really like the idea of keeping a livejournal. It's not like I'm too busy...just staying at home getting all my stuff together and packing. But I get sidetracked so easily, and start organizing, or writing a song, or whatnot. Well, actually I did do something productive: finnish a bunch of unfinnished songs I've had sitting around for the past like 2 years. Which makes me feel really happy! Plus, I typed them all up! Go me. Now I just have to memorize them and I can be a performer! It's quite sad that I can't memorize my own lyrics. I mean I could, and I guess I will. But it's silly, considering that lyrics are supposed to be all natural and coming-from-your-heart, so you should beable to remember them as you write them. But I don't. Guess it's just not a natural thing for me. Well I guess that means I shouldn't be writing. Gahhhhhh, yes I should. No I shouldn't. Well, I like doing it. And here is where my gemini kicks in!! The two sides, arguing! I always do that.

But speaking of astrology, we (many people who came to my party) had a loooong discussion about it, which was fun. I brought out like all my astrology books, lol, it was so sad! But it's a scary, scary thing, those stars. We also played games, one random one with index cards that Laura brought, and the other called 'poopy cat,' which was awesome. The latter has nothing to do with it's name. Lol.

Also yesterday, Stephen finally showed me where his grove was, on the leatherstocking trail. Yay! But a really funny thing happened on the way back. We were passing a street where the street sign said "Badger 119," and found it incredibly random. I was like 'wtf' and Stephen said he had always wondered what it was. I figured Badger was the name of the street, and there was only one house on it, which was number 119 for some reason. So we decided to check it out, and drove down it. Once we saw those signs with slow on them in the shape of kids, we figured maybe it was a really big house with a lot of kids. But then there was like a pool or something, and we discovered it was a day care place! And then, who should be sitting there, but Ali!! The only person out front there, out of all the people who could have been sitting there reading a book! Lol, it was so awesome! She was happy to see us, the savior from the 4 year olds.

So we solved the mystery of Badger 119! Well, not really the 119 part....maybe it's supposed to be an inverted 911 or something, and emergency day care for parents to leave their kids at....? Someone fill me in. But that also explained those buses that say 'badger' on them.

I'm off to Idaho tomorrow!!!!
I am excited/nervous/anxious/confident/ready/unprepared/pumped up/out of shape/happy/sad/scared of the airplanes/excited to meet the other people/nervous about meeting the people/whatever......And once again we observe the conflicting emotions within Elsea. Ahh, the joys of gemini-ness. Although that's normal. But sometimes I take it to extremes, whether I feel two opposite things simultaneously, or I just fluctuate unexpectedly.
Maybe I'll discard the negative emotions there, and just try to be excited and ready. (I am wasted but I'm ready) Except I'm not wasted. Never have been. And probably won't be for a long time. Which is good.

Oohh, I should post my address in Idaho so you can all write to me, if you don't already have it. But I think I'll do that in the next entry, so it's by itself. But seriously, that would be AWESOME to receive mail out in the middle of nowhere! The ranger dude brings us mail like 2 times I think, and takes our letters to send, so I'll definitely write you back, but it may take awhile. Still, I love writing letters, and of course, receiving them.

And that's the most technologically advanced thing I'll be doing, apart from using a flashlight!
I am SOOOOOO thrilled about that part, about being away from technology. From machines. I've already written about this, but I can't help stressing it once again.

But I'm out for now! Well, until my next entry, when I'll post my address.

Badger (badger badger badger mushroom mushroom),
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